Starting from the 11th November 2012 we are putting comments received from new visitors on this page.  Below are comments received by visitors to the club Their names and

addresses have en left off for privacy reasons.

First time at Derwent Pool and really enjoyed it, met some very nice people. Looking forward to going again and to the Walled Garden event, well done to all the committee and members of Ryedalenaturistclub.

Good evening Janet

Thank for looking after us today. We felt thoroughly welcome and had a chat with Paul before we left. We fully relaxed as first-timers and look forward to coming again,

Many thanks and kind regards.

I just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed tonight's swim. I couldn't stay as long as I wanted so I didn't get much of a chance to speak to people but I could see that the atmosphere is fantastic and a great advert for naturism.

I look forward to seeing you again in the future.

Just a quick line to say we both really enjoyed our first swim today. Everyone was really friendly and we will be looking to come as regularly as possible. Thanks also to Paul for welcoming us on arrival and explaining the routine.

In my 50's and have never done ANYTHING like this before. Spent the last 3 days petrified with worry about todays session and nearly bottled out completely at one point. All that worry was totally wasted and unfounded. What a brilliantly safe, supportive, friendly and discrete environment this club achieves. I felt no embarrassment or self consciousness on my first entry into the pool area and within seconds of being in the water was completely at ease with the fact that I had nothing on. This is the way swimming should be and I for one will not be wanting to return to a costume again. I would recommend this club to any 'first timers' like myself. Well done Ryedale Naturist Club.....and thank you.

Hi Janet, cannot wait till next swim,if. Your ok with me I will join,I thoroughly enjoyed met some nice people.Want to get more into being a naturist,want to try walking,little vague on internet as to contacts,thanks to chap who met me I'm bad on names see you next time


For some reason our paths didn’t cross yesterday, but I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the session. The facilities were excellent, but what made the day was the extremely friendly reception from everyone. It’s just as advertised on your web page! I shall come along again some time, though  due to the distance involved it is not likely to be on a regular basis, more’s the pity.

Best wishes

Hello, Janet.

I attended the session today and thoroughly enjoyed  meeting some lovely prople, some of whom I'd met at Harrogate.I shall be joining the group, but I think for only during the summer.early autumn months, as it will be a fair hike for me in the dark evenings to get back home after a session. I have a form and will send my fee in shortly. I understand you were there today, but didn't swim, which is my loss, at it would have been nice to meet you.


We have been to a couple of swims now and really enjoy the friendly relaxed atmosphere.

We have now joined the club.

Hello Janet,  

Just wanted to say thank you for a very warm and friendly welcome to my 1st swim today. Although I was anxious about getting changed, I needn't have been, everyone was so friendly and helpful. Once in the water i forgot i was naked and just enjoyed myself. I will certainly return and become a member.

Many thanks

I would just like to say after visiting Helmsley walled garden, swim and becoming a member I was made most welcome I

appreciate it "thank you"

Hi Janet,

Well I've just returned from what was my second naturist experience and I'm just writing a few feedback thoughts. Try not to be too rambling. My first (not at Ryedale) was with a girlfriend who'd made her mind up not to enjoy it and get out as soon as possible. That was stressful and argumentative. I'm grateful that you accepted me as a single (although I was anxious). Before I arrived I managed to get in a tizzy. Why did I ring? Reckon I just wanted to try it. You were very helpful on the phone about wearing a cozzie or not. You were so right, I'd have looked different from the others. I did feel self conscious getting changed. After I got into the pool after a few minutes I'd forgotten that I was naked with others (your website says that. It was totally stress free and liberating, I suppose to be with other like minded and friendly people. I don't know if I can get anybody else to come but I would enjoy repeating the experience. Would you please forward an application at your conve

Many Thanks Janet,

As you said, once in pool you forget about being naked.

I will certainly be attending again and hopefully become a member

Hi janet , just a quick note to say a big thank you for the swim today, every one was very friendly and welcomed me ,you were right i did enjoy it a very friendly relaxed atmosphere.

If anyone is thinking about trying naturism for the first time please get in touch with Ryedale, they all will make you very welcome and i can promise you will have a great time.

So go along and support the club( please feel to post this email onto your webpage

once again thankyou all . and hope to see you all soon

kind regards

enjoyed the swim this afternoon,and although short,having been required at home by 17.00 hrs,i will most certainly be back.

Hi Janet I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed my first swim, what a nice group of people and so friendly. I look forward to the 29th and any other events that you organise.