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Email:-  (please do not send texts as I an not very good with them so you probably won’t get a reply)Visitors will need to bring some photo I.D on every visit with your address on  i.e. photo driving license or passport and a utility bill.

Due to time wasters and crank calls blocked or withheld numbers will no longer be answered. Neither will questions on body or other parts to do with the body.  Please read text below before phoning  

We  run the swims at Norton only so we cannot answer questions about any other event

Contact - Janet - Telephone 07528409332 before 9pm. (no texts) I am not (tied to the phone) so let it ring longer than normal to give me chance to find and answer it.  Try to avoid phoning me on a swim day after 12pm as I will not be able to get back to you until the end of the swim. Please don’t ask us questions that are already answered on our front page i.e swim times, where’s the swim held or other club events etc.  If you do have any questions then try to send all your questions in one go as we get time wasters asking us multiple questions all on separate emails. I

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