A few comments from Helmsley Walled Garden Naturist Evening

A few comments I received after Helmsley.

I would just like to thanks you for all the effort and work that goes into organising the Walled Garden and this showed as everyone I spoke to said they had enjoyed their evening and also the weather was kind to us again this year great effort and thanks again

Pleased to hear the evening turned out to be successful financially as well as socially. It was a very enjoyable evening and nice to see all your (collectively) efforts turn out so well. 

Thank you.  

This is just a brief note to say I was sorry I didn't manage to identify who you were last night at the Walled Garden gathering but I really enjoyed the event. I've visited these gardens a couple of times in the past, either in the late autumn or very early spring, and it was a great pleasure to experience the gardens in such lush growth and such variety of colour.  Thank you for organising last night's visit, I thought it was a great success overall both with the number who attended and the weather.

I hope to join you next Sunday at your swim in Norton and maybe will have the opportunity to identify who you are and to meet you and other members of your management team.

Many thanks again.

Was a bit scared yes scared to go to this event as it was going to be my first venue / event being naked outside? Should have not worried at all Colin was on the gate with another friendly gentleman whose name escapes me (sorry) with a warm friendly welcome. Everyone was so friendly and 'normal' and I managed to talk to some very nice people as I made my way around the well kept gardens - my wife would have been in her element being a florist but alas she did not accompany me this time but was intrigued as to how I got on. Was really nice to catch up with Janet who I had not seen since my last visit to the baths and it will certainly be a place where I will not hesitate to return to again hopefully with my better half in tow, a wonderful day and well organised.

Many thanks for your e-mail and many thanks for a great evening. Your hard work has paid off both financially and PR wise. Everyone was making great comments and you pulled a blinder with the weather. As we drove home it was obvious that there had been very heavy rain very close by, the roads were very wet and puddled, some one up there loves you....congratulations on an excellent event.

A very good session - for which thank you.

I got back about 2155 to find two cats desperate for food - they lied of course because they'd been fed earlier. The storm evidently passed just south of Helmsley - I drove into some truly spectacular rain, lightning, road starting to flood, etc, about 3 miles the other side of Helmsley, and had it most of the way to Malton. There had been some good rain in my area as well judging from the roadside puddles.

A special big thank you, to you, for all the time and commitment

you must have put into organising Hemsley.

My thanks also to the committee people, cake makers and helpers

who all made the evening the grand occasion it turned out to

be. I really enjoyed it, and the company.

I'm already looking forward to next years Hemsley.

My thanks once again, to one and all.

Yes Janet, your prayers were at least answered re the weather.  I too noticed quite a lot of water on the roads coming home. Although Beverley was still dry.  Thanks for all your time and effort to make the day go so well.  I know how much time it