We are a small friendly swim based club who welcome all genuine naturist visitors. Donít just take our word for it read some of our visitors comments on the newsletter page.

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We run the swims at Norton and also Helmsley Walled Garden naturist evening. We cannot
answer questions about any other events so you will need to contact the organisers directly.

At the moment we are restricted to over 18s only without swim-wear, but we are having discussions with the management and hopefully this matter will be resolved at some point.

If you have never tried naturist swimming before then give it a try, you have nothing to lose except your wet sticky cozzie. This is also a great way to meet people and make new friends. Our swims are just like going to any council run swimming pool except we donít use swim-wear. There is no sexual activity of any type at all as this is not what naturism or the club is about. If you are looking for anything more than a swim then you will be very disappointed and need to look elsewhere. This is a safe and friendly environment where you can swim without any concerns or worries. There are no official naturist beaches in Yorkshire (Fraisthorpe Beach near Bridlington is no longer a naturist beach) so your best chance of a relaxed naked swim is with us.
We are not a site based club with our own land or buildings but we meet fortnightly on a Sunday afternoon for a swim at The Derwent Swimming Pool, Church Street, Norton, Malton, North Yorkshire YO17 9HP from 3.00 to 5.00 pm.
We have the use of a sauna and an excellent pool which is 25m x 8.5 m. (Sauna is for over 16ís only).

If you are thinking about trying naturism out for the first time but you are nervous about going nude in public then so were the rest of us as there was a first time for all of us, but after a few minutes you will wonder why you were so nervous in the first place.
Very nervous newcomers may wear a cozzie on their first visit, so there is no excuse for you not to come along with your partner or friends and try it out.
We are always pleased to welcome enquires from newcomers, families, couples and singles (but not from anyone who canít make it anyway due to work commitments etc) without any fuss or forms to fill in and you donít need to be a member of BN or any other club or organisation. If you bring the kids (18 and under with a costume at the moment) we will even let them in free (two per adult). First time visitors will need to bring some form of I.D, Driving licence etc and we require an email or phone call to say you will be attending. This will also allow us to inform you if a swim is cancelled for any reason. If you wish to become a member (single £15 couple £20 per year) Members benefit from reduced entry fee and are allowed to attend and vote at our agm.. Membership forms can be downloaded by clicking here.

Your age, shape, race, background, or anything else is irrelevant as naturism attracts people from all walks of life as we have a very
Relaxed atmosphere. Anybody can be a naturist and once you have tried swimming without your cozzie you will never want to wear one again. The only regret that you will have is why you left it for so long before trying it out. We have visitors and members from Bridlington, Driffield, Filey, Malton, Norton, Pickering, Scarborough, Whitby, York, County Durham and many other towns nearby.

Entrance for visitors is Swim £5.00, Sauna £4.00 and lockers take a refundable £1 coin. First time visitors will need to bring some ploto I.D with an address on.

Free parking is available in the public car park across the road from the pool, behind the Derwent Arms Public House.

Guidelines for Ryedale Naturist Club

Guidelines to be followed by all members and visitors attending Ryedale Naturist Club
Swim and Sauna sessions.

1) This is a fully naturist swim and sauna except for Ladies on the menstrual cycle, under 18s, and newcomers to the event Costumes must not be worn by anyone taking part in the swim and sauna sessions provided by Ryedale Naturist Club except as in the circumstances outlined above.

2) Children up to the age of 18 are required to wear a cozzie until further notice

3) Use of the Sauna is restricted to persons who are over 16 years old.

4) Shower facilities provided must be used before entering the pool.

5) Shower facilities provided must be used both before entering and upon exiting the sauna.

6) Food or Drink should not be ingested for at least 1 hour before swimming for health and safety reasons.

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ryedalenaturistclub.co.uk rnc we have members from Bridlingtom, Driffield, filey, Helmsley, Malton, Norton, Pickering, Ryedale, Scarborough, Thirsk, Whitby, York, all in North Yorkshire and af ewen from County Durham. We are a nudist, skinny-dipping, naturist swimming naked club. We have trips to other nude places and other nudist based clubs. Swimming nude is the main part of the club activities. We do have naked events as well as naturist outings in other towns and places. Skinnydipping in north Yorkshire and naked at York maize and nude walks. No costume swimming is another way of putting it. We also have visitors from East and West Yorkshire Castle Howard, Nudestock, York Maze nude night Helmsley Walled Garden naturist night and other special events are now all on the special events page. Also all We do hold other social events during the year in particular the Summer Garden Party held at The Arboretum Castle Howard, which was on the 11th June 2011, but watch this space for next years event . We also have visits to nudist beaches other naturist clubs and non naturist visits Naked York maze night was on Saturday Please note that this event is Not run by We are running a fully naturist evening at Helmsley Walled Garden on the 8th June 2013. Ryedale Naturist Club. Although this is classed as a naturist night it is clothing optional so being nude is not Compulsory at this event.

Our Swims are on alternate Sundays from 3.00pm to 5.00pm, on the dates shown above. Click on dates for more info. These times are correct so you donít need to email or phone us about swim times