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Details of our other events we hold and those of other organisers.
Updated: 15th June 2018

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Events Organised By Others

The following events are not our events. We have put them on our website as a favour to the organisers only so please don’t ask us about them as we don’t have any more details. If you require more info then contact the organisers directly.

South Yorkshire Naturists

Big John now has his own website at South Yorkshire Naturists, so you can get all his events.

North East Nudists

You can get all their events by visiting North East Nudists.

Newcastle Outer West Pool

Saturdays 5pm - 7pm
Doors Close 5.10pm

Pool - Sauna - Steam Room
Guests welcome. Please bring ID on first visit.

Telephone: 07501 447865 (please leave a message).

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To be able to apply for membership of the club the applicant must have visited the club as a visitor within the last 3 months.

Members benefit from reduced entry fee and are allowed to attend and vote at our AGM. Membership forms can be downloaded by clicking here.

Membership per year is £20.00 for a couple and £15.00 for a single person.

Membership fees Single Couple
Sept, Oct, Nov £15.00 £20.00
Dec, Jan, Feb £11.25 £15.00
Mar, Apr, May £7.50 £10.00
Jun, Jul, Aug * £15.00 £20.00
* Full annual fee payable but this would cover a 15, 14, or 13 month period respective.

Membership fees shall be paid by the last day of September in each financial year accompanied by a current ICE form. Failure to comply will deem membership lapsed.

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